Tour of Osgoode Hall

6 Stops

The doors of Osgoode Hall may be temporarily closed to visitors, but with this tour, you can explore it from the comfort of your home. The virtual format will allow you to travel back in time and peek at spaces that are not normally open to the public. Tap on the images to enlarge them and to see the captions and citations.

By downloading this tour, you become part of a great Toronto tradition. Since the 19th century, people have been visiting Osgoode Hall to admire its stunning architecture, to learn about what takes place under its roof, and perhaps to hear about the cows that are part of its folklore.

The visit will take you through the grounds and the main heritage spaces of the building. It will introduce the courts that sit at Osgoode Hall and the Law Society of Ontario, the organization that governs lawyers and paralegals in Ontario.

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